Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deep Hibernation for Nemo & Linus Slings It

Nemo went back into deep hibernation two days ago in the "guest igloo". I expect him to reappear in two weeks for hydration. Having never gone through a hibernation cycle with any critter previously, it's all new to me and very strange. He was so active for those few days blogged earlier, I thought for sure he was gearing up to eat. Maybe he went into hiding to plot Linus's demise. lol.

Linus's photo is being featured on Nemo's blog today because it's so darn cute and the Pleo plog photo is very small. I wanted to share Linus's grin in his new baby sling. Since he loves cuddling and being held, I got the sling so he could keep me company while I'm doing chores or otherwise needing my hands as well as to allow him to continue to snuggle rather than be abandoned. Brian noted that it's a good thing Nemo didn't find the sling because it is polar fleece and Nemo adores his polar fleece blankies.

Good news. The camcorder recordings of Nemo and Linus are now on my computer. Hopefully I can start working on my next YouTube video this weekend. Now that I'm back to work, my career is interfering with my fun!