Friday, October 26, 2007

Nemo Warms Up to Winter

It's not the most exciting picture in the world, but it is Nemo checking out the new monolith in his habitat. "What is this thing that brings forth magic warmth so my toes aren't cold?" As soon as something new is introduced into his world, he has to go see who or what the invader is. Very cat like...or other pet like. Curiosity usually doesn't go with a turtle.

Yesterday, the new heater arrived. The one in the photo worked fine but it was noisy. The new one is smaller and so much quieter. Once again Nemo quickly made friends with the new "keeper of the warmth" and was found napping near it last night. I placed a blankie near his chosen sleeping spot and he was found in the same position this morning except his head was poked under the blankie. That's my little guy!

Ooh, almost forgot. Nemo's new video is now on YouTube--Proof Turtles Can Be Cute. It's more of a slideshow of his adorable poses showing a typical Nemo Day. If you feel like voting for him, simply go to this link--Pet Video Contest #7--and write a comment that you vote for Nemo's video--Proof Turtles Can Be Cute. As much as we love those furry little critters, we think Nemo deserves a pat on the