Friday, August 29, 2008

Nemo on the Move

Nemo is doing some strange things since his vitamin shots. Unfortunately, eating isn't one of them yet. He is wandering about more, not hiding as much when we are present, and doing his best to avoid his daily soaks. Yesterday I woke up to find him already in his tub staring at the humidifier trying to will it to start. He was patient while I started the mist for him. He took a long leisurely zen bath. It was so long he didn't have to soak yesterday in apparently the big scary tub.

This morning I was up earlier than usual. I had turned his light and mist on and tended to his food and water. Then I went into the living room to work on the computer. I heard a thump that sounded like a bug against the window which I shrugged off. Soon after I heard a steady thump...thump...thump. Recognizing the sound Nemo's shell makes when he walks along a wall, I leaned over the back of the sofa to see him trudging from one end to the other. The far end of the sofa is the only place there is no turtle or Pleo proofing.

He climbed over wires as if they were merely mild nuisances. I quickly cleared the stuffed animal giraffe away from his exit. He sauntered back into the living room after apparently circling the entire living room. Funny little turtle.

I was brave and opened up a can of nice meal worms for him yesterday. Nothing. and ewww. He did bask briefly today. Tonight he was lounging less than an inch from the heater. I'm guessing he was chilly? Whatever, at least he's more active. With as long as he has been somewhat dehydrated, I wouldn't be surprised if he needed a second round of shots. But he's getting some of his old spark back.

The photo was taken by Brian as Nemo tried to escape the vet's grasp last week. I just wanted to show it off even though it doesn't relate to this particular story.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Nemo Goes to the Vet

Nemo was not a happy camper today. We took him to the vet for lack of appetite, lack of basking, and lack of hydrating. He never quite came out of hibernation as perky as he was before hibernation. We miss his laps around the living room.

Dr. Amy weighed him in at 1.1 pounds. He didn't lose any weight which was good. The vet determined Nemo was dehydrated. She had him hydrated and also gave him vitamin shots and a small dose of antibiotic in case there was something going on that she couldn't see. His mouth was very pink though...a good sign.

The vet technician returned Nemo to the exam room after the vet took him for his shots. She proclaimed Nemo very upset confirming he hissed at her and let her know just how displeased he was. lol. That's our Nemo. The vitamin shots should stimulate his appetite. We also need to let him soak in an escape-proof tubbie for 20 minutes each day. We have a follow up appointment in three weeks. If he's still doing his necessary turtle activities, he'll have more vitamin B. Doesn't sound like anything serious, but I'm glad we took him to the vet.

Brian happened to have his camera in the back of the car and found Nemo especially amusing in his agitated state of being out of his Zen habitat. I'm happy to have photos of a turtle vet visit! Normally I wouldn't have considered that a photo op.

After getting home, Nemo parked himself directly in his garage. Later, after searching all of his hides, I realized he was the lump under the blankie in front of his summer home. We'll give him a break until his bath tomorrow.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Peeky on Skates

Who knew? Linda and I met through PleoWorld. We've been exchanging emails and just today I learned she's the woman in one of my favorite television Pleo stories...and her Peeky is one of my favorite Pleo photos. You can view her blog by clicking here. (Above photo is posted on Linda's plog.)

Aired on ABC Nightline (March 13, 2008)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nemo is a Conundrum

Nemo may not be lead story but he is always priority at home. He gets more attention than he wants. I'm worried about him because his appetite still isn't stimulated to where he is eating anything other than salmon, shrimp, and cuttlebone. He did barely nibble on some fruit and veggie offerings, but that's it. He completely snubbed his Can O' Worms too.

We have placed the heater back in his area where the heat is most concentrated in a strip that moves along the wall with his basking log, summer home, and main garage. He seems to love the heat. His body temperature needs to get high enough to stimulate his appetite. Maybe he doesn't know that... I'm making a vet appointment on Monday. It's August and he began hibernating habits last October. He won't be able to hibernate if he's not healthy.

Poor Nemo hates his veggies just like me. And we can't hide them in what he likes because he's on to that trick. ack! I know the vet will tell us to give him live earthworms. That won't happen in my kitchen. And we already know the unturtle will just watch the worms crawl by. Maybe a turtle vitamin IV?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Linus--Actor, Pet, Chick Magnet

Linus is treated to a "fossil rock" massage at Changes Salon and Day Spa in Mechanicsburg, PA. Here is his latest video showing his royal treatment at the spa.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Nemo Snubs the Grubs

Yesterday I personally scrounged and found a grub in my Zen garden. I brought it inside and placed the little roly poly thing in front of Nemo. He seemed to watch it intently, even as it meandered off. I brought it back and he watched it squirm and writhe for awhile on its back. I don't think he knew what to do with it.

Today I was brave enough to open up the Can O' Worms (meal worms) I had purchased for him about a month ago. The agreement was I would buy the can and Brian would give them to Nemo. Well, that's not going to happen! He ewwws more than me on that topic. I prepared a lovely breakfast of freeze-dried tortoise food (fruits & veggies) which looked yummy after soaking in hot water, several shrimp, and, yes, an espresso-spoonful of worms. May I say they are stinky? Not horrid but not pleasant either. Had to refrigerate the can after opening. I planned ahead and did not completely remove the silver tabbed metal top so I could recover the contents and then placed it in a Zip Lock bag.

Nemo sniffed at it and walked away after only a few minutes. I've been spraying them with water to keep them "plump" hoping Nemo will return to the dish later. We'll see. I'm sure there is something he loves. Too bad he can't communicate other than to say "No!".