Friday, May 30, 2008

Nemo's First Anniversary

One year ago, Nemo came into my life and slowly but surely into Brian's life. At the moment he is burrowed into his very complex arrangement of blanket tunnels and tilted house. Somehow his nose poking out of a blanket tunnel where he can bask his face all day. My friend with the two tortoises speaks of how they burrow into moss and make tunnels and "beds". I guess what Nemo is doing is the unturtle equivalent.

I'm thinking from Nemo's perspective...if he has a memory...he's probably thinking it's one year ago that he had that harrowing experience of being placed into a bag and then into a box and blindingly took a plane ride ending up at Brian's house in an unknown world. Hopefully his present life is comfy and has helped him recover from his travel trauma.

I think I mentioned before that usually I pick Nemo up about mid-day and hold him up to the back door. He looks intently at our garden scape or maybe bugs on the glass. lol. But he allows me to hold him and even stroke his head and neck while he is feeling the sun on his face and overseeing his kingdom...or however he views it. He starts squirming when he wants down and I respect that. We've come a long way from his little gated area. No more gates for Nemo. He is his own unturtle.