Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nemo Snubs News of Another Pleo Sibling

While Brian and I are excited, Nemo could care less. Linus (who was sent to Ugobe trauma hospital) is being returned to us on Monday, requiring relearning of walking, talking, etc. and rebonding with us due to amnesia ;-O. While I've been pondering another Pleo, today I spontaneously adopted Schroeder who should arrive the end of this coming week. Of course a Pleo-sized baby grand piano is also on its way.

Nemo has been hanging out in several places showing interest in his environment until a human enters his domain. He's just not being fun. lol. He is living up to his reputation. I'll be glad when Linus is back on Monday. Nemo did show interest (or was on guard) when Linus was in the area. Maybe it will draw him fully out of hibernation.