Saturday, October 27, 2007

We're Having A Heat Wave

In yesterday's post, I spoke of the new smaller quieter space heater than shown in yesterday's picture. Because of Brian's knack for catching Nemo being more active than me (probably intentional on Nemo's part), he found our heat seeking pet sprawled out a few feet from the heater thoroughly enjoying the wafting warm air. Because one picture showing both the heater and Nemo would not be as expressive, I took the liberty of showing the new heater separately from Nemo luxuriating in the heat.

While I don't have a photo, Nemo did something rather extraordinary today. He went outdoors by himself! On nice days, I open the back door enough for a nice breeze to come through and place the draft dodger so the door doesn't close with the breeze. Knowing Nemo's feelings about the outdoors and the terrace, I have not worried about him attempting an escape. I'd been out of the kitchen for nearly an hour. When I returned I checked all the usual hiding places but no Nemo. After hearing a noise from outside, I glanced out to the deck (a/k/a the turtle terrace) and saw Nemo making a beeline toward the steps. I didn't know I could move so quickly. I grabbed the kiddie gate and made it outside before he reached the top of the step.

I guess because he "found" the terrace exploring on his own, the outdoors now seemed more palatable. I provided a folded up towel so he could reach the threshhold easily. Somehow I think his descent was not very graceful although he would have landed on the rubberized mat. He climbed back inside as if nothing eventful had happened. I watched from a distance for awhile as he climbed onto the draft dodger trying to balance himself on it to get back outside but he fell off, landing on his feet. From there it was time for a nap. Quite the busy unturtle day.