Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nemo in the Spotlight

Nemo has been quite the inactive lump since his semi-hibernation. So Brian and I were very surprised Saturday night when he became the most active turtle likely in history in a single hour. We had company for dinner all sitting in Nemo's space at the table. You would think with so many humans around, a turtle would go into hiding. Not the unturtle! Upon our guests' arrival, Nemo promptly took a bath after making an obstacle course out of his route. During dinner time, he was back into the tub for bath complete with several butt mists. He then wandered over to Brian's feet and nudged his sneakers before climbing over his foot! After meandering around for awhile, he finally settled back under his summer home. We hadn't seen that much activity since the day I moved the cool mist humidifier by his former wading pool.

He was back to being a lump again yesterday but still quite cute with his positions. Today's cuteness was sleeping most of the day with his head tucked under the summer home (plastic bin) with it balancing on the middle of his head. Silly silly unturtle.

Will be adding pictures soon. Am still having computer problems and must juggle computers to do my blog with images.