Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nemo Goes From Grumpy to Comfy

One area where Nemo is very turtle (although many humans fall into this category) is he detests when you move his stuff around. Turtles are very sensory and learn their territories by sight and smell and touch. It disorients them if something is moved. I did rearrange some of his area to better accommodate for chiller weather. He was mad at me for a day. He pouted the next day but poked his head out when I was around. Yesterday was wine rack jungle gym time so he was getting over that change. Today he found a comfy place to lounge at the base of the wrought iron table used as an attractive place to clamp his basking lamp.

If you have seen Cirque du Soleil Nemo balanced on the wrought iron curly cue base, the green blanket in the photo is a cushion for those things. He does like to perch himself on those...heaven only knows why.