Monday, August 20, 2007

Nemo Inspires Art

This is a 4-year-old's rendition of Nemo eating near his igloo. Isn't it great? She is also part caretaker of two baby cherry footed tortoises (which she pronounces "torguses"). Just as many little boys can tell you everything there is to know about dinosaurs, this little girl knows more about torgus care than I know about turtle care. She can even cite the differences between turtle and tortoise care.

I guess hearing me talk about Nemo inspired her to want one too. Except in her being helped to look online for turtle pictures, she fell in love with the tortoises. To the right is a picture of her adorable baby torguses Tao and Harmony. I love those names. To get a feel for how little these guys are, they are eating hibiscus flowers--which are bigger than they are!

So Nemo has not only impacted my life in a good way, he has positively impacted others too--and not just through smiles with his videos and photographs. It is as if he is that wonderful universal loving energy connecting others with the universe as well. Ummm...let's just call that my zen mode. It's also 1 a.m.