Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lucy knows snuggling

Brian bought the "stone" bridge for Lucy thinking she'd like to climb over it. After a few days of checking it out, she began to sleep underneath it. She is now double her original size and soon won't fit under any of the hides, but she is cute in how she manages to get into just the right position for perfect comfort.

It's been chillier the past few nights. Even though she and Nemo have a heater on constantly and Nemo has his reptile warmer, I place soft blankets where they tend to hang out "in the open". Yesterday I placed a lilac fleece baby throw next to the bridge behind the heater last night. For hours Lucy was scratching around. Usually we just giggle at her noises of trying to get comfy. When I checked on her, she had managed to pull the blanket under the bridge so there was blankie on both sides. She was completely snugged in. You can see her head buried down into the covers. We're happy she's so comfy in our home.

Nemo is doing well. Force feeding every other day has pepped him up. I think we may need to do that for the remainder of his life. Or until the day we find him nibbling on one of Lucy's salads.