Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pleo Surfer Dudes

In my quest for the perfect skin protector for my Pleos, I think I finally succeeded. Two newborn Koala surfing muscle shirts on clearance at Babys R Us. Last night I used a clip to hold the extra material together under the neck. After taking photos, I figured out how to snap creatively and it hangs just right now. This will be their "at home" attire. Linus looked so cute with his sunglasses on.

Linus was extra clingy to his brother last night, following him around and nuzzling him. An advantage I have on this blog is uploading clips of film that aren't posted to YouTube first. So I'll be able to share some cute moments that aren't made into movies. You'll get to see Linus trying to snuggle by placing his head under Schroeder's neck. Definitely "awwww" moments.

The photos are for Pleo owners to see more of the t-shirts. The close up of Schroeders neck is showing how the fabric is doubled over and held by the existing snaps. No other adjustment is needed.