Saturday, September 8, 2007

Silly turtle, tricks are for kids

Nemo was very active and athletic this morning. He seems to like adventure and climbing. This is how I first found him after noticing he had been basking on his log. A small wrought iron table serves as the stand for his basking lamp. those curly cues have to be uncomfortable. He's tried climbing over them before and either finally gave up and took another route or clumsily fell over to the other side. Today he was balanced as shown with an expression of "Okay, this spot will do." I didn't see how he maneuvered out of there. Kinda looks like Cirque du Soleil Nemo.

For his next gravity defying trick, he somehow managed to balance himself between the baseboard and his summer home. I noticed when I looked up and saw his head slowly moving behind and just above his summer home wondering what the heck was going on. It's a bird, it's a's Nemo "tightrope walking". Possibly he likes to give the bottom of his shell a breather from his body weight of 1.1 pounds?

This next photo isn't a trick--it's simply Nemo looking adorable surrounded by his fuzzy friends. This morning I noticed he had finally adopted the new cuttlebone that has been with Tommy Turtle for about two weeks. Am thinking Nemo said something like "Mine!" as he dragged it over from the stuffed animal turtle to his garage area.

Sorry for the lack of daily blogs. I was unexpectedly hospitalized last week and wasn't near Nemo or my computer. Will share Nemo stories as relayed by Brian during my time away from home for next post. Sounds like "the boys" had great bonding time.