Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nemos Eating Bet-Bulls

For those of you who don't speak four-year old, "bet-bulls" is vegetables. This was drawn by the president of Nemo's Fan Club. She insists that whomever is writing or spelling for her has it sound exactly as she says it--and she makes the person read it back so they better get it right! Her pictures have helped keep my spirits up during my recuperation.

This morning, Nemo parked on his intersection stone. Usually it is just a place to decide which direction he wants to go. I figured it might be a good place to spritz him which he likes sometimes. I'll spray mist him with a misting bottle once. If he doesn't move away, he wants to be sprayed. So I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. Soon his little legs were doing the swimming thing and he was washing his face. It was probably the longest he wanted to be sprayed. He then proceeded to eat the two shrimp that was his meal for the day and is now snuggled in his summer home looking out with a perfect view of all that goes on in the room as well as my comings and goings. And that's this morning's Nemo update.