Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nemo Knows How to Beg

Good news! Nemo ate a shrimp yesterday. I was so happy he ate...something...anything of substance. The bagel is something weird we found out he liked, but it doesn't have much nutritional value. I keep tiny frozen shrimp for him and defrost one or two at a time. lol. I just run them under water until they get soft. Now for the background as to how I know he was begging.

When I first walked into his area yesterday morning and turned on his basking lamp, he was in his summer home with his head fully stretched out and up. "Are you waiting for the mist to take your bath?" I filled up the humidifer and announced his spa awaited. Several minutes later, he was still intently watching me. Pleading eyes. Fresh water. Open the curtain of the back door. (He gets upset if he can't see the light come in...really.)

After beginning to prepare my breakfast, I could see across the counter to him still watching me with outstretched neck. It was then I realized he just might be hungry. The pampered little guy is used to having special treats placed in front of his summer home. He doesn't have to waste energy walking the 12" over to his food dish. Shortly after I placed the two shrimp near his head (which he quickly withdrew in case I might try to touch him), I could see the one shrimp moving backwards. hehe When I peeked at him, he had gathered it up in one mouthful. He declined the second shrimp. So be it.

He did have a bath today after I moved him near the water and he came OUT of his shell instead of withdrawing. Brian and I decided he liked having "the lift" so he didn't have to walk. Maybe it's his manipulative way to actually be held without seeming as if he likes it.

And some people think pets can't communicate. Body language. My turtle can express his needs.